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Quarterly Update April 2023


Budget Ratification Update

Posted March 30, 2023

Pursuant to 64.38.025 (3), on February 9th, 2023 our HOA board passed a new budget and presented it to our lot owners via mail for ratification vote on March 29th, 2023.

– 47 votes in total were received by e-mail, US mail, or in-person either by ballot or valid proxy holder.
– 43 voted ACCEPT
– 2 voted REPEAL
– 2 votes were invalidated due to being received after the specified cutoff time. The two invalidated votes have been communicated to the HOA attorney for verification.

Regardless, the newly proposed budget is ratified.

Don’t forget, we are actively seeking a new board member, secretary, and treasurer to replace the interim treasurer, and we are always welcome to new committee members for our various committees. Please reach out if you’re interested! Your participation makes our neighborhood great, helps maintain home values, and helps control our HOA costs.

The HOA will touch on the new budget and other HOA news soon in a “Quarter 1” update to be released in the first week of April, please stay tuned.



*Please note the meetings above are held at different locations

Click here to view the March 29 Agenda

Click here to view the 2023 Budget Proposal



Board Member needed!

There will be one position available on the Board of Directors. 

If you are interested please email: Shadow.Run.HOA.99337@gmail.com


The Shadow Run Homeowners- Kennewick, WA Facebook group NOT sanctioned by the Shadow Run Homeowner’s Association and is not an official source of information for property owners and residents.
For HOA-related issues, please contact the HOA directly: https://www.shadowrunhomeowners.org
Shadow Run HOA
PO Box 6388
Kennewick, WA 99336
(Making membership due checks payable to Shadow Run HOA)
For assessment inquiries contact Shadow.Run.Treas@gmail.com


Assessments in the amount of $165.00 have been sent for the
January 1, 2023 assessment. 

The assessment was DUE: January 15th, 2023

Any assessment or installment thereof which remains unpaid for at least fifteen (15) days after the due date thereof shall bear interest at the
rate of 12% per annum & a late fee of 25% of the balance due ($41.25 on a balance of $165.00).

How can I pay???……………
Payments accepted: personal check, cashiers check, money order or bill pay by your bank. 
Please make sure your First and Last Name are on the check.


Make checks payable to:
Shadow Run HOA

Send payment to:
Shadow Run HOA
PO Box 6388
Kennewick, WA 99336


I do not have personal checks, how else can I pay???…………
The easiest way would be to contact your bank and set up BILL PAY.  Most banks offer this service FREE!  You will provide your bank with Shadow Run’s information (seen above) and then they will pay your assessment deducting the funds from your account.
Please make sure your to tell your bank to have your name (first and last) on the payment.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?????……………..
No.  The Board has decided in order to keep costs low they will not provide this option.

How can I avoid paying late fees & interest????……………..
You can always pay your assessment early!  Some homeowners pay for the entire year in January.
If you are a person that likes to budget monthly, feel free to pay ahead in monthly installments of $27.50.  Just be sure if you choose the monthly option you have paid the $165.00 assessment IN FULL BEFORE the due date.



We have noticed a large amount of dog poo in the Main Park.  Please be a good neighbor and clean up after your dog.  The Association has provided dog bag stations at each park to help. 

If you notice they are in need of re-stocking please email: Shadow.Run.HOA.99337@gmail.com and we will fill them as soon as possible.


Village at Canyon Lakes is PRIVATE PROPERTY

All, we were recently contacted by the Executive Director of Brookdale Canyon Lakes Mr Green.  He is the director of the independent and assisted living community located directly across from Ely. St. in the Village at Canyon Lakes.  You may be unaware but the campus is PRIVATE PROPERTY and is off limits to non-residents and uninvited guests.   Please refrain from taking your walks on this campus.


boat and rv


Please be aware of the following CC&R:

  • Restrictions and Storage: No Owner shall store or allow any occupant or tenant to store any trailers, boats, motor homes recreational vehicles, trucks over two tons on the Property (except those used by Declarant), or any disabled or inoperable motor vehicles on the Property (including the streets) for more than forty-eight hours (48) unless they are completely within an enclosed garage, or within such other enclosure as may be approved in advance by the ACC.  Violations shall subject such vehicles to public impound, at the expense and risk of the Owner thereof.




As per CC&R 6.8: Animals shall not be allowed to roam loose, outside the limits of any Lot on which they are kept. 
Lately there have been many complaints about STRAY cats.

Contact Tri-Cities Animal Shelter (509) 545-3740 about your rights.  They rent out cat traps for $5 a week with a $100 deposit.  The $100 deposit can be in the form of a check, which they will not cash.  Upon return of your trap they will return your deposit ($100.00).  You also have the option to purchase your own trap from local hardware stores.

If you trap a roaming animal in your yard please call: (509) 545-3740 before 9:00am.  The Shelter to come to your residence and pick up the animal.  They will come by that day if called early enough, or the next day to pick up the animal.  They will transfer the animal from the trap you have rented or purchased into a cage.  It is OK to trap any animal in your yard.  If your pet ends up at the Tri-Cities animal shelter there is a FEE to recover your pet each time. 

Their location is 1312 S. 18th Avenue in Pasco.  Their hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.






Please be careful when driving around shadow Run. 

There are many children outside when trying to leave and come home from school.

please make sure you are stopping
at all posted stop signs.


Questions about your account?



The Board would like to THANK the MAJORITY of homeowners who comply with the Covenants.

Some of the most common violations dealt with by the Rules and Regulations Committee are:
1.  GARBAGE CANS (Article 6.7)– all trash containers shall be placed BEHIND an enclosure (example: your enclosed fence).  They may be placed street-side the day before, and should be put away by the following morning of trash day (Wednesday morning).
2. TRAILERS, BOATS, MOTORHOME RECREATIONAL VEHICLES, TRUCKS over 2 TONS (Article 6.2)– No owner shall store any of the mentioned vehicles for more than 48 hours unless they are completely stored within an enclosed garage.
3.  TREES (Article 6.1)– Any tree that does not survive should be replaced or removed promptly or within a maximum of 150 calendar days.
4.  HOUSE PAINT COLOR (Article 5.1)- All houses must be painted using colors consistent with the prevailing colors in Shadow Run.  They must be SUBTLE and HARMONIOUS with the neighborhood or earth tones.  ALL repainting of the exterior must be approved by the ACC.  Please submit color chips with your completed request form (Can be printed from the ‘Documents’ tab above.)
5.  EXTERIOR PERIMETER VEGETATION- For those of you who live on the “perimeter fence” (backyard backs to ELY or 36th) please keep all vegetation away the fence.  We would like to keep the fence looking beautiful, and in good condition as long as possible.

If you have any questions, or would like to report a violation please feel free to:
Email: Shadow.Run.HOA.99337@gmail.com
Call: 430-3151
To report a violation anonymously write: Shadow Run Homeowners Association, PO Box 6388, Kennewick, WA, 99336.


dog and cat

Noisy Dogs-

A dog that barks more than 5 continuous minutes is a city code violation [KMC 8.02.340] per the Kennewick City Attorney.  They recommend using the Barking Dog Complaint FormSee: https://www.go2kennewick.com/250/Barking-Dog-Complaints.  You have a right to notify the city of this violation and they will take action if pressed.  If one or more civil infractions are issued, an increasing fine ($50, $100, $200, and $400 within a five year period) can be imposed for each violation.





 grafitti~ ~ ~ ~ GRAFFITI ~ ~ ~ ~

If you see any suspicious activity PLEASE CALL: 911

If you notice any graffiti, please call the Kennewick Police non-emergency number (Monday thru Friday, 8:30-4:30) at 585-4208.  After hours please contact: 628-0333.  They will contact the proper channels (gang graffiti officer [to take pictures] AND the Graffiti Abatement Program [G.A.P.]).
It is requested that you notify the Shadow Run board at: 430-3151.  We will need to give the G.A.P. people permission to enter our property to remove the graffiti and paint over it.  If the graffiti is on the exterior fence (Ely or 36th) the HOA has some extra paint for them to use.






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